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Spent Nuclear Fuel Management

The Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center (INTEC), formerly the Idaho Chemical Processing Plant, was constructed in the early 1950s to reprocess spent nuclear fuel from government reactors. While that mission ended in the early 1990s, workers now are focused on transferring spent nuclear fuel from wet to dry storage and preparing the material for final disposition at an off-site repository.

INTEC's building CPP-666, completed in 1984, contains a modern, large basin consisting of six pools for storing spent nuclear fuel. Radioactive spent fuel is safely stored in concrete and stainless steel-lined pools containing some three million gallons of water. The water, which is constantly filtered to remove impurities and extremely minute quantities of radionuclides, provides protective shielding for the workers.

IEC also manages spent nuclear fuel (in dry form) at CPP-603, CPP-749, and a cask storage pad on the southeastern portion of INTEC.

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