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Waste Management

In addition to characterizing, treating, certifying, and shipping contact-handled transuranic waste at the Radioactive Waste Management Complex, IEC treats and repackages remote-handled, sodium-contaminated transuranic waste inside two hot cells at the Idaho Nuclear Technology and Engineering Center to enable the debris to be shipped to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. The hot cell in building CPP-666 is used to treat sodium-contaminated wastes using two different water-introducing procedures and a distillation process that uses heat to volatilize the sodium and recapture it for eventual disposal.

The New Waste Calcine Facility's hot cell recently underwent modifications to allow larger containers of remote-handled, sodium-contaminated transuranic waste to be opened, their contents treated, and the material repackaged. The sodium waste is primarily a product of experiments from the Engineering Test Reactor, Transient Reactor Test, and Experimental Breeder Reactor-II and cannot go to WIPP in its present state.

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