Idaho Environmental Coalition Procurment and Subcontracts


The Supply Chain Organization (SCO) oversees all activities related to the acquisition of materials and services and administers procurement agreements for Idaho Environmental Coalition, LLC (IEC). Consideration is given to cost, delivery, quality, reliability, and compliance with all contract requirements, federal regulations, executive orders, and public laws to meet our customer's requirements.


Suppliers interested in doing business with IEC must complete the Supplier Information Sheet below. The form should be submitted to

Mentor Protégé Program

We are seeking companies that will benefit from the Mentor Protégé Program. If interested in the program, complete the Candidates Interested in Mentor Protégé Program with IEC form and email to the IEC Small Business Advocate at

Developmental Assistance:

We will provide developmental assistance which may include any or all the following areas: marketing, business development, general and administrative support, estimating, safety programs, technical and advisory, quality assurance, accounting, and project controls/EVMS.

Qualifications for the mentor protégé program:

  • Eligible to receive a government contract.
  • Able to certify as a small business according to the current NAICS code with industry experience.
There will be NO commitment for purchase orders or subcontracts.
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Upcoming Procurement Activities

As specific procurements are identified, this list will be updated.
Laboratory Analysis
Equipment Leasing
Mobile Office Facilities Leasing
Fabrication Services
Industrial Materials: Concrete, Steel, and Specialty Metals
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Regional Purchasing

IEC believes a mature and strong regional purchasing approach will be the catalyst for economic development. Prior to establishing a Regional Purchasing Program, Idaho Environmental Coalition will meet with local businesses to discuss concerns and ideas for regional development as well as collaborate with community leaders.

Local Spending

IEC will leverage funding to the Idaho National Laboratory Site to keep maximum dollars in the community. Businesses within the eastern Idaho region will be eligible to compete to provide goods and services over the life of the contract.

Business Alliances

IEC will establish business alliances with regional vendors and businesses to generate new revenue streams. Alliances will provide development assistance and opportunities for regional small businesses and vendors

For more information, please email IEC's Small Business Program

Elisabeth Warn
Small Business Liaison
Phone: (208) 533-3491




The ICP Property Disposal Office performs operations to provide property reuse and disposal services. Property reuse includes IEC reuse, transfers to other government agencies, or acquisition of excess assets from other government agencies. Disposal includes transferring or selling excess and surplus property.*

*ICP Personnel will not load scrap sale property

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Property Sale 24-01

Bid Opening: 3/28/2024

Sale Information


Casey Nielson

Phone: (208) 533-6316